SPACE REQUEST FORM is now available.

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the rental of Cramton Auditorium. Howard University’s Administration is committed to the use and maintenance of Cramton Auditorium, which will contribute to a comfortable and conducive educational, recreational, and work environment.

The demand for the use of the auditorium facilities necessitates the adoption of daily and hourly scheduling of the facilities for the entire academic year, August 15 through May 15. Priority will be assigned to departments and programs normally involved in the use of these facilities to include Student Life/Activities groups, Colleges and Programs of the University, and University Administration.

The facilities will also be made available to those organizations on an individual program rental basis for purposes that are compatible with, or enhance the mission of the University and in the interest of the community.

All users will comply with the rules and regulations outlined in this document. Cramton Auditorium will consider requests for scheduling events and support spaces on the basis of the following use priority. The University reserves the right to cancel your event and refund all allowable monies.

Priority I – Howard University Office of the President;

Priority II – Howard University Office of the Secretary;

Priority III – Other University activities: Appropriate public performance and non-performance events and activities by other campus entities (student, administrative);
Priority IV – Other users

Please Note:

A. Sponsorship. Sponsorship of an event is only with a recognized department or student organization of the University.

B. Student Organizations. The representative of a Student organization completing the space request form must be listed on the organizations registration form on file with the Office of Student Life and Activities.

C. Authorized representation. The representative of University departments and/or off-campus organizations must be authorized to commit resources and funds on behalf of their departments and/or organizations.

In order to request the use of the auditorium, formal facility reservation procedures must be followed:

1. Scheduling. Scheduling of events is the responsibility of the Manager, in consultation with the Director. To schedule an event, complete a space request form. The space request form must be completely filled out and indicate the title of the event, the date, as well as an alternate date, and the time of his/her event. Your request will be taken pending availability of space, technical equipment and staff.

2. Upon receipt of the Space Request Form, confirmation of availability will be sent to the organization within 5 – 10 business days.

3. A pre-production meeting with the Manager, Production, Box Office, and House Operations Coordinators will be scheduled in order to determine the requirements of your event.

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Washington, DC 20059
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4. Rental fee and appropriate charges will be determined via an Estimate of Costs Letter and invoiced on one form to the organization. The prospective client will sign the Estimate of Costs Letter and submit a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit. The organization’s check should be payable to Howard University, Cramton Auditorium. All charges must be paid in full before the organization can take possession of the facility.

5. Upon the Cramton Auditorium Administrative Office receiving a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit, the prospective client will be authorized to advertise and promote his/her event and then tickets will be placed on sale for distribution. A Lease Agreement will be signed at the payment date of balance due (within 30 days prior to the event).

6. Ticketing. When admission for the event is charged, the Cramton Auditorium Box Office must be contracted. Additional charges will be assessed for staffing requirements, set-up, clean up and/or restoration of facility for damages from event ticket sales.

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