About Us



Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium is committed to excellence in education and the arts by initiating and supporting programs and activities that inspire, reflect, and educate the diversity of its local, national, and international community. As an essential aesthetic component of the University, Cramton Auditorium supports the educational mandate through its commitment to leadership and service in America and the global community.


Cramton Auditorium has held its place as a leading facility, through professionalism, integrity, outstanding customer service, and its commitment to providing activities that enrich the quality of life of Howard University and the community. Offering its audiences and participants the opportunity for enrichment, education, and enjoyment, Cramton Auditorium presents a unique blend of innovative performing arts programs, special events, and educational programming. The dynamic interaction of performance and education augments classroom learning as well as provides hands-on experience, preparation, and training for students in the fine arts and communication fields. Addressing the current needs and issues of the cultural and political climate, Cramton Auditorium provides a forum for world leaders, key political figures, and commemorative events.

Methods of Operation

At Cramton, we value…

  • excellence
  • innovation
  • a broad spectrum of programs
  • diversity
  • accessible and affordable education and arts experiences
  • our unique environment
  • fiscal responsibility